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VW transmissions can be broken down into two major symptoms. Transmission slipping and transmission not shifting.

A slipping transmissions are normally caused by internal seal leaks which leads to burned clutches due to fluid pressure loss.

Problems like transmission not shifting are caused by things like throttle position sensor, Transmission speed sensor, wiring harness, and transmission solenoids.

If your transmission is not engaging be sure you check the transmission fluid level. Low fluid level will cause transmissions to slip on turns and inclines.


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GM parts and service info

2015 Suburban Front left blinker bulb 7440a bulb number '- compatible with bulb 992

GM Air filter 22845992- Fram 8755a - Fits 2000 thru 2020

Mobil oil filter m212

GM 6L80e Found in 2009 to 2021 - Gm Silverado Suburban Yukon Tahoe Sierra

Mechatronics part # 24275873 fits 2011 to 2023

VW AC and Fan Control - AC Fan Module , radiator temp switch and Ac cutoff switch