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Tech tips

If your transmission has problems taking off in drive and reverse you will want to make sure fluid level is correct.

If your transmission is shifting harsh or funny between shifts then the valve body in the transmission is most likely the problem.

If the transmission is not shifting have the transmission computer scanned for trouble codes. Things like throttle position sensor and speed sensors maybe the cause.

We hope these tech tips help.

For valve body supplier of both used and rebuilt be sure to check with VTP in Brooklyn New York ask for Nick.  Quality VW transmission parts you can count and trust.


Providing Low Mileage VW Transmissions for 2006 up VW Beetle Golf Jetta Passat 09g Transmission. With the following transmission codes. HRM HFU JUJ and more.

01m Transmission repair and rebuilds. Vehicle diagnostics for most makes and models.

There was a time when some said these units were not repairable or rebuildable.

You maybe surprised that most builders even some transmission shops build tranmissions without a test plate used to pressure check transmissions before and after repairs.

If your 01m is not shifting a speed sensor maybe the cause. There are 3 speed sensors but there is one that fails the most the output speed sensor.

As far as solenoids the EPC that is the Electronic Pressure Control solenoid and the Torque Converter Clutch solenoid fail the most.

Many times the computer may not detect a sensor or solenoid is bad. This is where the shake test can help pinpoint a sticky solenoid.

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The 2006 up VW Jetta  09g Automatic Transmission is notorious for valve body problems. This transmission seems to experience erratic and harsh shifts points when unit gets warm.

Many VW Owners have experienced these problems right around the 100k mile mark.

Replacing the entire transmission is probably the best option.  We recommend units under 30k miles.

This transmission can be filled through the filler tube if one is found if not the transmission must be filled through the pan with a pump.

When replacing the unit be sure to erase the history code or codes in the transmission control module or computer.

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